University YMCA

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Patti Neiman, Director of Educational Efficacy and Leadership



The University YMCA (UY) is a branch of the YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities located on the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities campus. The UY serves over 341 college students in programs that provide service to 900 students in grades K-12. The UY is committed to developing the ethical leadership capacities of students in a context of social issues: Youth development, Healthy living, and Social responsibility.  This is accomplished by combining cross-cultural and community-based experiences with reflective learning.

Physical Healthy Driven Program (PHD) is a health and wellness program through the UY that began in 2009 that addresses the health disparities facing over 200 low-income Kindergarten through sixth grade children of color.  PHD includes four primary components 1) assessment; 2) physical activity; 3) nutrition; 4) family.  The goals of PHD include increasing physical activity and improving nutrition in youth and adults and to increase preventative health measures through implementing upstream health interventions that address social determinants of health.

The CHC VISTA will help strengthen the purposes of PHD by:

1) Providing more comprehensive health education to youth and their families by leveraging community partnerships, resources and family involvement.

2) Addressing the health disparities facing low-income youth and families living in urban Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

3) Increasing health knowledge within underserved communities

4) Increasing physical activity and improving nutrition in youth and adults.

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