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Sahra Noor, Director of Language Services & Community Health



Since 1906, Fairview Health Services has met the health care needs of thousands of patients around the state with its network of seven hospitals, almost 100 clinics and numerous rehabilitation centers and retail pharmacies throughout Minnesota.

To support Fairview’s mission “to improve the health of the communities we serve” , the Department of Language Services and Community Health provides wide range of community health services to various low income and immigrant communities of all ages in the South Minneapolis area. Community health outreach activities are specifically designed to address health disparities facing these communities. It provides programming that educate individuals, families and communities about different health issues and engages them in activities that promote health and improve quality of life.

Among the tasks of the 2011-2012 VISTA will be to:

  • Develop and implement projects that address the root causes of community problems related to healthcare access for low-income, culturally diverse individuals; identify ways to leverage campus assets to increase healthcare access; and serve as intermediary between the hosptial campus and community healthcare organizations
  • Build upon established relationships with neighborhood organizations and associations, Augsburg College, and the Uof M Twin Cities, as well as identify potential partnerships with Community based non profit organizations
  • Support Fairview hospital in the areas of project development, implementation and evaluation. The vista will help create a comprehensive outreach plan in collaboration with community health staff and department director to reach 500+ low income and ethnically diverse community members.
Site Goals
  1. Increase low-income people’s access to campus-assisted direct healthcare services or benefit from campus-assisted prevention-related health literacy projects statewide.
    1. Coordinate the Health Ambassadors Program in collaboration with Minnesota Spoken Word Association.
    2. Develop a sustainable plan for expansion and continuation of Girls Only Exercise program in the Cedar Riverside neighborhood.
    3. Assist in expanding community outreach and educational programming to Minneapolis Public Schools.
    4. Build partnerships with senior housing facilities to improve senior health.
  2. Build capacity through improving, expanding, and beginning campus-community partnerships to address health care access and health literacy.
    1. Assist in the implementation of a Nursing Center in the Cedar Riverside Neighborhood- a collaborative effort between Fairview and Augsburg college school of nursing.
    2. Support increasing the capacity of communication and overall health access of the language services department at Fairview.
    3. Develop a healthy summer meals program for sites that host children in the summer (such as schools, community centers, churches, etc) through a partnership with Augsburg College’s Campus Kitchen Program.

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