City of Minneapolis, School Based Clinics Program

city of minnCHC Host Site Since:  June 2012

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Barbara Kyle – Manager, School Based Clinics Program



The Minneapolis Department of Health and Family Support (health department) School Based Clinics Program (SBC) provides comprehensive, accessible, teen-friendly health care to underserved adolescents. The majority of Minneapolis’ high school students live in low-income households, experience health disparities and lack access to health care. However, the SBC offers its students easy access to primary care and mental health services because the clinics are located where teens spend most of their day: in school.

The CHC VISTA  will work with the SBC to create a peer education program to educate teens on adolescent health issues and increase their access to primary care clinic services, including nutrition counseling and physical activity referral resources, to reduce health disparties among Minneapolis youth.

Minneapolis School Based Clinics:

1) Convenient

Students can be seen during the day in school so parents don’t have to take time off from work

2) Affordable

Students and/or their parents are charged only what their insurance provider will pay. If you do not have insurance or medical assistance there is no charge.

3) Opportunity

Students are seen by staff specializing in caring for adolescents

4) Lifestyle

Students gain practice in managing their own healthcare, this will help them in the future

5) Confidential

School Based Clinics abide by the same client confidentiality polices as your neighborhood clinic

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