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CHC Host Site Since: August 2010

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Tanner Nissly, DO



Broadway Family Medicine Clinic (BFM) is a family medicine residency training site operated by the University of Minnesota Physicians, a non-profit organization of physicians from the UM Medical School.

BFM has been serving underserved urban communities of Minneapolis and surrounding areas since 1972. They are located in the Near North neighborhood, one of the poorest neighborhoods in Minnesota, and provide full spectrum primary health care in the clinic with outreach in the community and inpatient care at North Memorial Hospital. BFM is one of the largest family medicine training sites and many of its graduates end up practicing primary care in rural and urban underserved areas of the country. It is also the host site for the Minnesota urban AHEC .

BFM has a strong commitment to improving healthcare access and health literacy. It has undertaken health literacy projects in the clinic and is also planning on undertaking such projects in the community.

Site Goals
  1. Increase low-income people’s access to campus-assisted direct healthcare services or benefit from campus-assisted prevention-related health literacy projects statewide.
    1. Facilitate patient advocacy in site by reviewing, collecting, and compiling resource information to develop database
    2. Leverage host site services in the community by organizing community meetings and activities that involve key stakeholders as well as providers and staff
  2. Build capacity through improving, expanding, and beginning campus-community partnerships to address healthcare access and health literacy
    1. Form ongoing relationships with community organizations
    2. Organize and develop health literacy resources for patients
  3. Develop volunteer program to increase clinic capacity
    1. Create template/expectations for volunteer activities at the site
    2. Improve opportunities for funding sources for grant site

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