Maggie Hendrickson

Position:  College Health Corps VISTA Leader

Location:  Minnesota Campus Compact – Augsburg College


Hometown:  Wahpeton, ND

Education: B.S. Speech Language Hearing Science

A learning or work experience that changed meServing as a VISTA in a primarily low-income Hispanic population in deep southern TX opened my eyes to my love for cultural understanding and health.  My VISTA role as a Health and Wellness Coordinator in one of the most obese areas of the United States was such a meaningful and fulfilling experience to explore my passion.  Encountering cultural differences, language barriers, etc. challenged me to creatively teach and encourage healthy behaviors among students, faculty, and families.  I lead a Healthy Kids Club for 1st graders and I’ll never forget how proud I was at the end of the year on how much they had learned and how much they grew to LOVE being healthy.

Why did you choose to serve as an AmeriCorps VISTA with College Health Corps?:  As I stated in the previous question, my passion lies within cultural understanding and health.  College Health Corps is perfect in that I can be part of a variety of areas of health in a diversified city.  I also have a deep appreciation for what AmeriCorps members bring to a community and therefore am excited to pursue a 2nd year as a leader for a great organization.

Inspirational person/quote:  “Dream as if you will live forever, Live as if you only have today”  — Hands down the quote I live by!

One word that best describes me: Spontaneous

Place I would most like to visit:  I have BIG dreams of studying obesity in the U.K.

Favorite food(s):  Veggie Omelets

Favorite holiday: My birthday :)

One thing I can’t live without:  My tennis shoes (AND…my toothbrush and floss)

Hobbies: Running, tennis, golf, EVERYTHING outdoors, Twins baseball, spending time with loved ones

In 5 years I would like to be:  Professionally, working in the public health world, with at least a Master’s, focused on obesity prevention. Personally, married with a house on a lake in MN.


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